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When Is the Best Time to Start an Orthodontic Treatment?


If you have a young child whose teeth appear crooked, you may be wondering about the best age to start an orthodontic treatment. Some parents are concerned that beginning the alignment process too early may result in the teeth re-shifting later on.

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Halitosis: How Can Irregular Flossing Give You Bad Breath?


Although it's essential that you brush your teeth twice a day, it's equally important that you floss regularly. Even if your teeth seem clean after a good brushing, tiny particles of food can still hide above your gumline and between your teeth. The leftover food can attract the bacteria that cause halitosis.


5 Common Dental Health Problems in Seniors


Elderly people have an increased risk of experiencing oral health issues. They may have lost their dental coverage, are unable to afford out-of-pocket dental costs or do not have transportation to get to dental visits. While it can be more challenging to maintain good oral health as you get older, it is not impossible. Here are five common dental health problems in seniors and what you can do to treat and prevent them.

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