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Dental Onlays

Are you experiencing problems with your smile? Are any of your teeth looking or feeling not their best? A cavity or other damage in one of your teeth should not be ignored. Depending on the problem, our dentist may suggest repairing your tooth with a dental onlay in Cary, North Carolina. If you are experiencing dental problems and would like to find out if this treatment would be right for your smile, call Serene Smiles Dentistry at 919-460-7025 today for an appointment with Dr. Rachel Swart. We want to make sure your teeth are serving you well!

Dental inlays and onlays are used when the cavity or damage in your tooth is too extensive for a composite dental filling but not drastic enough to require a dental crown. Inlays are used for a cavity or damage that is deeper in the tooth but does not affect the cusps, which are the parts of your tooth that are directly involved in biting and chewing. But for damage that does affect the cusp of your tooth, Dr. Swart may want to make the repair with a dental onlay. Dr. Swart will ensure that your dental onlay not only blends in with your smile but fits you well. We invite you to call today to learn more.

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