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Orthodontic Screenings

Most people think that braces are for the junior high or high school set. Of course, many people opt to straighten their smiles and correct their bites as adults. However, the time to start thinking about orthodontics for your child is long before middle school or junior high school. In fact, you should plan on bringing your child in for an orthodontic screening in Cary, North Carolina, at Serene Smiles Dentistry with our dentist by age 7. If your child is nearing their 7th birthday, call Serene Smiles Dentistry at 919-460-7025 to plan your visit with Dr. Rachel Swart.

An orthodontic screening will allow Dr. Swart to detect any potential problems and recommend treatments that can help. It can also give our dentist needed information to correct any bad habits and suggest treatments that can help your child’s jaw and bite develop correctly. It can also be the first step in avoiding dental damage and trauma and improving your child’s appearance. Early intervention is the key to making sure that your child enjoys a healthy smile for life. We invite you to contact our office today to plan your child’s visit. We would love to meet your child and get to know them and their smile better!

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